Candle Wick Trimmers
  • Candle Wick Trimmers

    As you've noticed, all of our candles come with Care Instructions that walk you through the care and maintenance of your beautiful BTB candles. It's important to trim your candle wick (whether cotton or wooden) between burns to maximize performance. Wick trimmers can aid in the maintenance of your candles. 


    Our Sweet and Bougie candles are adorned with wooden wicks that are trimmed and ready for burn. Our wick trimmers are useful for maintenance after burns. Simply trim the burned ends of your wooden wick and you're ready to go!


    Our Crumble Tops are adorned with cotton wicks that will need to be trimmed before your first burn. Our wick trimmers are able to cut them to the recommended 3/5ths inch without a hitch. As you would with a wooden wick, trim the burned ends of your wick in between burns.


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