How are we addressing Covid-19?

Why Am I still operating my online business during this pandemic?

I struggled with this decision but ultimately decided to remain open online. It's so important that we take care of our health - physically and emotionally. Bath Thyme Bakery's area of expertise is emotional well being with physical benefits.

Personally, I've been worried about this pandemic, stressed that I have loved ones who are essential workers and feeling paranoid by this invisible enemy that's taking peoples lives on a global level. My shower steamers with eucalyptus essential oil have been a "go to" of mine. It helps calm me down so that I can put on a brave face for my 5 year old.

So, "yes", I'm open online and it's because I want to offer joy, sighs of relief, softer and more nourished skin, great smelling rooms, bubbly soap fun, temporary escapes from stress, and opportunities to refill your self care tanks.


Making skincare products requires sterile environments obtained through incredible sanitation measures. In truth, this is required with or without Covid-19. Please know that I will continue to practice upmost sanitation practices while making products for you to enjoy.

As my family and I are quarantined, I can guarantee that we do not have Covid19 and I will not spread it to any products I create and deliver to you. The only risk I see at this time is if we go outdoors - If my husband or me go out for groceries (the only reason we'd leave the house), I won't make products or fill orders for 7 days to ensure that we did not contract the virus.

What I'm asking of you it huge! It's to trust me, someone you do not know. I will leave that to you, but please know, that my heart is in the right place and what I'm sharing with you is sincere.

When you receive your package:

What is on the outside of the box after delivery is unknown and could carry Covid19. If you do not have sanitation sprays to disinfect the outside of your box, consider letting it sit somewhere away from people for at least 48 hours before opening. At this time, the virus is known to survive for up to 24hours on boxes. I mentioned 48 hours monents ago out of sheer paranoia.

Be sure to visit to learn more measures you can take to avoid Covid 19.

Most of you are aware that Bath Thyme Bakery is a team of one - me- Kai Clough!

I design and create every product sold on BTB, manage social media, take my own photos, created and maintain my website, etc. I do it all! With that being said, I'm confident that I can continue to provide you with beautiful gourmand bath, body care, and candles safely...until I run out of sanitation products which point, I'd have to close my shop until I can get more (I hope it doesn't come to that, though).

Everything else remains the same - BTB will continue to donate 10% of all earnings to Safe Water for Sierra Leone.

Family, we will beat this thing. I don't know if you pray or not, but I do and will continue to pray for us all.

With all my love, Kai Clough

Owner of Bath Thyme Bakery