Hand Sanitizers to come!

The FDA has granted small businesses permission to create and sell hand sanitizers on a temporary basis. In response to this news, I asked you on Facebook if you'd be interested in me adding them to BTBs shop and you answered "Yes"!

I've ordered supplies to add 35 2oz hand sanitizer sprays to my shop. My supplies have about a 3 week turn around and I'll need a week to make and upload them to the website.

They will cost $8.75 and the spray bottles are reusable. Please know that I've done my best to secure the lowest costs for my ingredients and supplies. I will continue to research more suppliers in efforts to reduce costs in the future. Resources are slim due to the high demand.


Please let me know your thoughts or if you'd like me to consider adding anything else to BTB (I'm working on hand creams too!)

Also, be sure to join BTB's mailing list so that you are notified when the hand sanitizers are added to the shop.

Until then, I'll be brainstorming essential and fragrance oil combinations that will smell heavenly on your hands.

With love,

Kai Clough <3