Why Use Preservatives in Body Polishes?



Why do we use preservatives in our body polishes?

In the absence of water - fungus, bacteria, and mold do not have the ideal environment to survive. However, with water, they thrive. It's safe to say that if a product has water in it, it will need a preservative. 

If that is the case, why use preservative in a body polish that doesn't have water in its formulation? That's a great question and our answer to that is that water will more than likely be introduced to the body polish when customers use them in their showers. We add preservatives to our body polishes as a preventative measure and to help extend the shelf-life of the product from a few days to several months. In the end, our customer wins!

What preservatives does BTB use?

BTB uses 2 premium preservatives that are cleared and approved for use in Whole Foods as such. They are naturally derived preservatives where one has strong antimicrobial properties and the other has strong anti-fungal and anti-mold properties. Together, they offer full spectrum preservation of your body polish without the harshness that is associated with some preservatives.

These naturally derived preservatives are clean and effective, do not compromise our formulations, and are gentle on the skin. 

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