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Clean products donut have to be boring nor look and smell the same.

🧁About Bath Thyme Bakery (BTB):
Bath Thyme Bakery is a Santa Fe, NM based clean beauty brand that creates handmade bath, body, skincare, and candle products. Everything here is inspired by the Southwest and all things sweet, most especially your favorite desserts. 
BTB was founded by Kai Clough, a Sierra Leonean-American woman and Cosmetic Chemistry student who is passionate about the preventative and restorative qualities of self care.
As such, you will find a variety of  active ingredients that are clinically proven to deliver results in your BTB products. Everything at BTB is made in small batches and our small batch production means that  Bath Thyme Bakery desserts are fresh out of the oven! 
We believe in helping others! 10% of all sales are donated to, Safe Water For Sierra Leone, a charitable non-profit organization that supports clean water initiatives in Sierra Leone, West Africa. 
Clean Beauty can be fun, it can be colorful, and it can be fragrant. BTB is where handmade meets science. Welcome!


🧁Here’s what you will find at BTB:
Paraben-free, Phthalate-free, Paraffin-free, Cruelty-free ingredients
  • Bath Bombs: Cupcake bath bombs with cocoa butter bubble bar frosting on top - Wonderful for relaxing bubble baths
  • Face Oils: Our Sweet Complexion and Sweet Ceramide facial oils are made with 1% Bakuchiol, a natural alternative to Retinol. Bakuchiol is clinically proven to reduce hyperpigmentation, even out the skin tone, reduce wrinkles, as well as stimulate collagen production. 
  • Shower Steamers: Made with menthol crystals & essential oils to enhance your mood & set the tone for any time of day.
  • Cold process soaps (4-6 week cure time): Look like slices of cake & are made with nourishing butters & oils. Our honey soaps are made with rare honeydew sourced from Northern New Mexico.
  • Body Butters & Creams: Light weight, fast absorbing, made with ingredients including - niacinamide (vitamin B3), murumuru & organic shea butters, neroli oil, & collagen. Our unscented murumuru & shea body butters can be used on everyone (babies included) from head to toe.
  • Cane Sugar Body Polishes: Made with organic cane sugar as it is believed to carry higher loads of molasses, ultimately, offering higher concentrations of natural glycolic acid. We have also partnered with Santa Fe’s very own Ohori’s Coffee & make a body polish using their organic coffee.
  • Coconut-Soy Wax Candles (paraffin-free): These hand-poured beauties are made with a natural coconut-soy wax & crackling (yes!) wooden wicks. They offer a clean burn with a wonderful fragrance reach.
  • Massage Candles (wax-free): These incredibly unique, double wooden-wicked, candles are made with non-comedogenic oils and butters. You can burn them for fragrance and blow them out after 20 minutes. The melted oils and butters can be used on the skin for a massage. Don't worry, the candle doesn't burn hot.  These will be available for shipping late September 2021 when the weather is colder.
🧁Why Bath Thyme Bakery?
In addition to the aforementioned, we care about the ingredients we use & where they are sourced from. We do not use ingredients from companies that derive colorants from practices that entail child labor & unfair wages. We only use RSPO certified palm oil to ensure that it is sourced without contributing to the destruction of wildlife. We only use Ecorcert, Cosmos, & Natrue - certified, approved, & accepted preservatives. All colorants are skin safe, used in very small amounts, FDA approved lakes & synthetic micas - void of unethical sourcing. Our oils & butters are from companies that carefully vet their ingredient sources to ensure that they are clean & sustainably sourced. We aim to use recognizable ingredients. We also use science when creating our products for you.
Our Promise to you: BTB believes strongly in transparency and the well-being of our customers. As such, we adhere to the following ingredient standards:
    • Clean Beauty at Sephora
    • Conscious Beauty at Ulta Beauty
    • Whole Foods Beyond Clean Beauty
🧁Charity: Every item sold at BTB benefits clean water & medical care initiatives through 10% sales donations to Safe Water for Sierra Leone - a faith-based non profit organization that provides access to clean & sustainable water, medical care, & medical supplies to the people of Sierra Leone.
🧁Customer Centric: We are nothing without your support. We value your questions, thoughts, and feedback because our focus is you! Please, don't hesitate to get in touch if there is anything you would like to share with us.


Stay unbelievably sweet!

Luv Kai, CEO of Bath Thyme Bakery


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