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Meet Our CEO, Kai Clough

black owned skincare brand owner, black cosmetic chemist, black scientist

I’m BTB’s founder, Kai Clough. I’m a Sierra Leonean-American woman and Cosmetic Chemistry student who is passionate about the preventative and restorative qualities of skin and self care.

As such, you will find a variety of active ingredients that are clinically proven to deliver results in your BTB products. In case you're wondering, everything at BTB is made in small batches by the me, myself, and I trio.

As an adult and a long time acne and hyperpigmentation sufferer (20+yrs now), I have a keen interest in creating products that will help address those issues in addition to supporting our skin as we age gracefully (ain’t nothing wrong with aging over here!). 

Without further adieu, here's my story, the deets:

For as long as I can remember, I've been creative and particularly drawn to bright and bold colors. Growing up I played several instruments and I was notorious for doodling on notepads in class, and later, in business meetings. I pursued makeup artistry and enjoyed the limitless possibilities I could explore with highlighting, contouring, and color combinations. While I mention several creative outlets I've dabbled in, I want to be clear, I never fully embraced my creativity until 2018. It was evident that I could no longer run away from it. 

Alongside the aforementioned, I've spent the last 15 years recruiting for healthcare organizations in California and now New Mexico. I moved to New Mexico to work for an organization that provides healthcare to those who wouldn't be able to receive care elsewhere. It's important that everything I do is directly connected to helping others. 

Lastly, I'm pursuing my Masters in Cosmetic Science. I want to dig deeper and learn about our hair, skin, what keeps them healthy, skin conditions and their respective treatments, ingredients and their beneficial and harmful properties. All of this knowledge will allow me to create products with great intention and understanding so that everyone can benefit from BTBs bath and body treats.

Bath Thyme Bakery is a genuine extension of me. It is the perfect corner of the universe where my creativity, my never ending desire to learn, and unwavering compassion and love for those in need blend. I get to formulate and design beautiful and clean self care products for you and we (you and BTB) help provide access to sustainable and clean water to people in Sierra Leone through our 10% donations to Safe Water for Sierra Leone. 

As a Sierra Leonean American, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love and continued support. I couldn't do this without you.

Welcome to the family! Stay unbelievably sweet!

xOxo - Kai

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